Raft Life

Raft Life

Awakening amidst the endless expanse of the sea, you face the harsh truth – your ship has been claimed by the relentless ocean depths. Stranded on a scant raft, the comforts and opulence of city life now seem like a mirage from the past. It's time to marshal your determination and creativity to forge a new chapter of existence on the open waters.

Utilize your skill in crafting to turn your precarious raft into a flourishing sanctuary. Create tools, build shelters, and grow a lush garden to secure your survival in the unpredictable sea. However, remain vigilant for the ocean's predators, ever ready to pounce on the unwary.

The sea, despite its challenges, is not devoid of allies. Curious marine life and friendly seagulls emerge as unexpected companions, offering support and resources. With their assistance, your raft will evolve into a symbol of human perseverance, shining light of survival in the unforgiving embrace of the ocean.


WASD: Move
Left Click: Interact