Parkour Block 6

Parkour Block 6

Parkour Block 6 marks the return of Poly Games' celebrated series with 70 exhilarating new levels. This installment seamlessly blends Minecraft-inspired visuals with challenging parkour mechanics, delivering a distinct platforming experience. Embark on an extraordinary journey through diverse levels, navigating block by block to reach portals that advance you to the next stage.

The latest release introduces fresh gameplay mechanics and a hardcore mode, catering to players seeking heightened challenges in parkour. Each level is meticulously crafted to test your precision and timing, pushing the boundaries of your parkour abilities.

Whether you're a seasoned series veteran or new to block-jumping adventures, Parkour Block 6 promises a captivating and demanding experience. Available on, it caters to gamers seeking a blend of creativity, strategy, and athleticism in a virtual realm. Immerse yourself in this block-filled universe and conquer the increasingly intricate levels that await!


WASD / Arrow Keys: Move Around
Space: Jump
Mouse: Look Around
Shift: Run
Esc: Pause Menu