Dive into the enthralling universe of Miniblox, a multiplayer adventure game that perfectly blends the excitement of exploration with the creativity of construction. Drawing inspiration from the popular Minecraft game, Miniblox encourages you to start a journey rife with boundless opportunities.

Explore expansive worlds filled with various challenges and hurdles that will test your abilities. Dive into thrilling mini-games and showcase your creative flair by building complex structures using an extensive selection of blocks, and endeavor to persevere across different gameplay modes.

Harvest materials, gather food, and fend off formidable adversaries as you navigate breathtaking environments. Exercise your creative muscles by designing bespoke worlds, or sharpen your agility as you tackle obstacle courses and perform daring leaps unscathed. Whether you're a budding builder or a parkour aficionado, Miniblox provides a compelling experience that will ignite your imagination.


WASD: Move
Left Click : Mine / Attack
Right Click: Place Blocks
Space: Jump
Shift: Sprint
Alt: Crouch
E: Open Inventory
Enter: Chat
P: Pause Game