Color Brain Test

Color Brain Test

Color Brain Test is a collection of fast-paced, cognitive-testing puzzles rooted in traditional logic challenges. There are six diverse game types known as Rings, Props, Screws, Pins, Zippers, and Arrows.

Within each game type, players encounter a series of levels, each locked until the preceding challenge is conquered before the clock runs out. In the Rings game, players must manipulate colorful rings, aligning them correctly to solve the puzzle at their interconnected points.

In Props, the task involves carefully removing intertwined pieces of wire or plastic in a set sequence. The Screws game demands the unscrewing of nuts to release various colored screws. The Pins game challenges players to extract pins in a strategic order to unlock a treasure. For Zippers, the objective is to zip sequences correctly to eliminate sealed sections from the board. Finally, the Arrows game requires players to clear a pattern by choosing squares with arrows, following the direction they point.

As players progress, the puzzles within each category become increasingly complex. However, Color Brain Test Games provides several hints to assist players, such as an Answers feature for the Rings, Screws, Pins, and Zippers games, a Move Five feature for Props, and a Shuffle option for Arrows. Furthermore, players have the option to bypass particularly challenging levels.


Mouse: Play